The unoficial purism wiki


I have created a Bookstack wiki, I propose it to be used as an unofficial purism wiki.

I understand that purism themselves cannot spend their time writing quality documentation nor do they want to publish tutorials on how to install non-free software onto our systems, but for pureOS to be available this information must be available. Therefore an unofficial wiki. I warn you this is being run of my personal server so I cannot guarantee stability (sorry but if needed my cloud storage solution takes precedence although I will make sure to download all the documentation beforehand).

The server is of a stock ubuntu 16.04 install with apache and MariaDB along with other security hardening applications, as such the server is as free as is reasonable.

Addition of editors will be at my own discretion although anyone may view, please PM me for an account.

---- Appropriate topics for the wiki ----

  • Why purism/why Linux (IMHO any website about a Linux product should have this)
  • How to contact Purism
  • Common issues
  • Setup guide
  • How to install steam or other non-free software
  • How to harden your home network/‘so you want to be secure’
  • Anything else you feel like is necessary and can persuade me of this


For what it’s worth, there is an official Purism wiki here:

It’s just pretty empty at the moment.


yes but they can’t publish info on how to do non-free stuff and we need a way to make sure that the info stays availible if purism goes under. Also the main wiki is oly for stuff directly relating to purism there needs to be a site where people with little/no technical expertise can go to find how to install steam on their devices


Fair enough. Thanks for setting yours up then!