There's no need for PureOS to store/host Tootle flatpak anymore, as the app is replaced by Tuba

It appears that the PureOS repositories are still storing/serving the Tootle Mastodon client. However, this is no longer necessary and could be removed, as Tuba now supersedes it.

Kind of a shame. I find Tootle to be a better daily driver, and only go to Tuba for polls. I find Tuba a little sluggish.

Thanks for that information. I had issues to “register a third party app” for Mastodon, and only Tuba works. It not as nice as Tusky on Fdroid/Android. But i prefer to post and use with privacy, due to the Push-Knowledge Issue about Android/Google/OS and Apps. How this works on PureOS and Linux? With this Push Notifications?

Today i Browse Mastodon for 30 Minutes without a big loose on Battery Power. So my Librem5 with Tuba was more energy efficient as Tusky on my Phone from 2014.

it is sluggish to me too and freezes when opening external links, or reaching end of stories list, the good news Tuba is making rapid progress on the development side and are ironing out issues, though in general it seems more geared towards future complete matrix app, so will probably always be slower than Tootle.

Also due to Purism Matrix fork you cannot edit your own posts, and publish the edit for some reason.

You mean Mastodon fork?

You are correct Mastodon i think, the Matrix protocol used would be the same I can only assume?