Third party accessories and branding, trademarking?


It occurred to me I had better make a case given mine will likely need TLC (super jazzed to be getting a piece of history though! :slight_smile: ). Yes I own a glue gun and yes everything looks like a crafting project to me :wink:

I’m thinking of using copper grounding braid to help with the heat issue and also as a design element. Also, when you think about it, cell phones are pretty gross in general and copper has great antimicrobial properties. It’ll be cool if I could stamp the square logo on it ? Of course, it would be accompanied by a statement “designed by some lady” or whatever I decide so there’d be no confusion as to the origin. If it works out and looks good, I may even offer some bespoke pieces on etsy if that’s cool too?

edit: I should probably point out that I meant an external case kinda like this and not a replacement for the Librem 5s stock case.


I’ll have what your having. Will this Moscow Mule have a copper handle too?


Tee hee, well of course I’m not going to ground it (it’ just what it’s called and isn’t it pretty?) and I’m not going to make a faraday cage either :slight_smile:


I’d worry about dissimilar metal corrosion. Assuming an aluminium case, the two metals have naturally different electrochemical states, and so will exchange ions in the presence of an electrolyte like sweat. Unless there’s a barrier or liner between the two, then that would be no problem at all!


@techranger It’s standard when working with copper to coat it so as to avoid a petina anyhow, but you raise a good point about the ion exchange (how coppers antimicrobial properties work, btw) and it’s effect on the aluminum so I’ll likely add an interior barrier too. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t it be nice with flags, pens and bags with a Librem logo too ? And a penguin (it is Linux) … :slight_smile:


copper is also heavy and a VERY good thermal and electric current conductor. my grandpa told me a horror story about his agriculture engineer friend beeing killed out in the field during a storm. should be good if we don’t carry it in the field though …:sweat:


Awww…everybody loves Tux! :slight_smile: Actually, that might be branding from the Linux foundation worth looking into for purism down the road when google launches phones with the fuchsia kernel (or whatever that is)


@reC Yup, and I want to use it to pull heat but also as a design element (I’m thinking a square of braid like a pack of silk cuts). I don’t know where it will be placed yet (I highly suspect over the battery, but I’m going to find out for sure when I get it by asking my friend at 7-11 to use her hot dog laser thermometer on it after running taxed for a while to find where exactly the hottest spots are). If you want to get your crafting on there are a lot of tutorials how to make phone cases out there, just search. Of course 3D printing is an option (and I’ll probably do that too) but I really like crafting and handmade things. My city actually has 3D printers at the library you can use for cheap (maybe yours to?).


With all the room in this case due to the m.2 slots Id be surprised if the engineers designing this device hadnt thought about copper thermal pipping to mitigate heat issues as well. Although I havent seen anything regarding this either .


passive cooling something that sits in your hands at 36-37 degree celsius is kinda’ tricky.

where i live the public library system is a mess unfortunately and the internet isn’t helping either.


I don’t even know if there will be a significant issue and in all probability there likely won’t be one the air space can’t compensate for. I still want to use copper though because a) I’ll have a germicidal touchpad with me always (I have to patrol hospital floors for work) and b) it looks cool.