This is the modem that should be used

So, at what point you gonna be able to tell us which modems we can buy with confidence ?
Preferably, it would be right after the full spec release for L5.
Most of us will need to use that other slot to close the gaps in LTE coverage. And would need to know feasible alternatives as soon as possible.


Can you point to a specific area on the globe (you’re interested in) where you think the L5 will not have coverage?

I explicitly said “gaps in coverage”.
There are gaps in LTE bands for major US carriers.
For the rest of the world I didn’t bother to look up.

Can you point to a specific geographical area in the U.S. where the L5 will have more gaps in coverage than your current phone? (plus the carrier you’re interested in)

I don’t really know by my heart nor care to look up
The point is that my carrier has 2, 4, 13, 66 bands and L5 modem has 2 & 4. I travel for work all across the country (rural and urban) and don’t all of my phones so far had all of these bands.

Though, my biggest concern is the actual white listing of the phone by Verizon. Because this carrier has no fall back for voice on gsm. As of now they have cdma , which they announced shutting Down completely by December. So, if I don’t get to have VoLTE enabled I won’t be able to get phone calls at all.
Something similar happened w ATT when my unlocked phone wasn’t on the list (but VoLTE capable)and 3g is so bad where I live, that I was missing most of the calls. With VZW would be just dead

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Well, if you go to, zoom out to all US and check those four band for Verizon LTE, you might notice that 13 and 66 don’t add much coverage. Except you’re in North Dakota a lot.

AT&T seems to be better, though.


Speaking of ATT - my biggest mistake. :slight_smile:
I left VZW for “freedom of choice” - buying unlocked phones. They ended up being more strict and on top of that TERRIBLE coverage in comparison. I even bought their device - branded Moto Z and still was missing/dripping calls all over LA , Orange county and Riverside. Same w my friends & fam on other devices. Had to run back to VZW

So this is the tower near me and j already have poor signal
Bands 4 & 13. Now w L5 I’ll lose the 13.
Most likely will get me to miss some phone calls, especially given the direction they have pointed

And seems like there is plenty of 13 and 66 in SoCal - Orange county area.
As well as North Cal and NE - Washington.

Tried to attach the screenshot, but don’t see how

One more interesting finding.
Going more through “rural” areas and just around highways 13 becomes more dominant. Which makes sense , because it’s using their old low frequency spectrum. Just found towers carrying just that band - 13.

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Just direction-wise, it looks like that Gemalto M2M GmbH Cinterion ALAS66A-US (LTE, W-CDMA, GSM Module) is right choice for you. Hopefully it will be available with/for Librem 5. Note: Gemalto ALAS66A-US will not send on B28, if the network does not explicitly request a measurement or handover to this LTE band.

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I live in Montana and Verizon is the only carrier that has service where I live. Its band 13 all around where I live. Without full verizon support, its a show stopper. I am with others looking for another modem that supports my needs. Until we have an official list of supported modems, I can’t commit, no matter how much I want to.


Except for awesome LTE band list , how much would it cost?

Sorry but I cannot speculate about as this is not my domain. I can only say that there shouldn’t be any difference in supporting the same multiple designs based on Gemalto’s proprietary LGA footprint compatibility. Therefore size and placing of Cinterion® ALAS66A-US to M.2 card may be very similar in procedure as for Cinterion® PLS8 wireless module. Again, I just (incompetently) hope that (only) Purism could make needed and particular region usable M.2 cellular modem card for Librem 5. Furthermore I have no insight to complete GCF certification declaration paper or any other technical info about. So, let’s hope: just a few dollars more than Gemalto Cinterion® PLS8-US (per piece).

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Tried to look up the price for PLS8-US and couldn’t find it. Do you know how much is it?

I only saw Gemalto Cinterion® PLS8 mini PCIe card here. This is manufacturer so price may depend on quantity.

What about the Broadmobi BM818-T1 then? :slight_smile:


I believe that that is all the LTE bands that are currently used in Australia.

Don’t know what the “200M” means.

One downside is that it is only Cat 4 but that is much faster than the service currently available to me anyway.



It identifies the range of bandwidth in the band that can be used.
Band 41 is about 200 MHz wide, so the 200M devices support all (up to 20 MHz) carriers in the band, while the 120M devices will only support the lower 120 MHz (the spectrum closer to Band 40).

In the end, this likely won’t matter, since LTE networks on Band 41 are very rare and most carriers will more likely use 5G there (like Sprint does in the US).


Yes, it is. Here is Gemalto Cinterion PLS8 LTE Cat3 Wireless IoT Module price comparison (149.00 USD vs 54.00 EUR per one piece):