This will definitely help convert more Windows users to Linux (Deepin)

and make some current Linux users much happier!” - it’s what I would have added if I had the space for it.

I think this interface looks astonishing .

Couldn’t find Deepin’s license on this interface and so I don’t know if we can borrow it or not. But if they do allow that, would Purism consider offering such a custom preset to be chosen when installing PureOS? Smth like:

I really think added options (during installation) could make the life easier, especially for those new to Linux (ofc as long as these options don’t compromise user’s security).

If we can’t get the Deepin’s interface to PureOS, maybe elaborate a preset of our own (as user-friendly as possible) and offer it as an option?

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the problem here is that it’s a great effort to add that interface in PureOS, It seems Deepin is free(libre) software but probably they use some proprietary software and Purism developers need to adapt everything to PureOS and update it when something change.

Use Debian Gnome is easiest and cheaper.

I do use it.
But if I had a choice, I would go for Deepin interface. It’s much more user-friendly imho.

nice looking desktop indeed, but I have to say that Gnome 3 along with Gnome Shell extension allows you to customise your desktop quite nicely. Here is my desktop for example,

Given the fact that Purism’s upcoming phone will run KDE, and the fact that KDE is more stable than Deepin, I think it would be a more logical step towards getting Windows users accustomed to Linux.

The only thing Purism then needs to do (given that a new KDE LTS will appear at the beginning of next month) is add it to the repo and give the option of installing it during first boot.

even prettier than MacOS or Windows” - is what people are saying in the comments to this video. Opinions are subjective, but I think this desktop environment really looks just amazing. How great would it be to have it on PureOS?

And again, if PureOS can’t use it for some reasons, hope this is the kind of mark they aim (in terms of desktop interface).

Enjoy the second part of the series, and don’t forget it’s still a Linux OS :smiley:

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