Thread does a magic. Poof!

A thread I made just got deleted without any warning or notification. Kinda mean. Would appreciate at least a notification. You can say all you want about the point being boring and crap but at least tell me when something gets taken down :frowning:

Maybe it wasn’t the moderators, maybe it was “them”?

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Oh no. Not them.
Edit: If you do not hear back from me in 3 hours, I am locked in the basement of slavic gang leaders.


Did you sufficiently entertained by your stay in the basement?

What category was it in?

General security and privacy I think. Possibly librem. can’t remember.

Best to stick to Round Table for anything controversial / off-topic / left-field.

For what it’s worth I did reply to it and am nearly certain it was in round table.

I’m not sure if marking the thread “solved” by marking my reply as a solution had any impact, but if so I disagree with that being used as a metric for deleting threads.

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Ordinarily that wouldn’t make sense. The purpose of marking “the solution” in among tens or hundreds of random off-topic or unhelpful posts is to make it easier to find it in the future. Not much point doing that if the whole topic is going to be wiped out.

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