Three-finger-drag-n-drop possible?

I was wondering if three-finger-drag-n-drop could somehow be possible similar to how it works on MacOS. Does anybody have experience or tips for that?

All tips are welcome!


There is a 3-fingers pinch gesture to show the applications “overview mode” (which may or may not work under PureOS last time I tested, but works on some other distros) and 4 fingers swipe up/down and various other gestures, but no such thing as a 3-finger-drag-n-drop… you can drag & drop with a “single finger double-tap-and-drag”.

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@jeff - Ok thanks for the info. That is unfortunate to hear.

I didn’t buy my Librem yet, but I will do so within the next month or so. I see that the Librem13 is currently on backorder with “stock coming soon – Expected to ship from inventory in September 2017”. If I order one now, when do you expect it to ship?

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In September 2017. :slight_smile: (Well, second half of September, but will probably prolong to first half of October as we have a large backlog.)

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Thanks @mladen - In that case I’ll be ordering mine soon.

Oh, and if there are enough people wanting a three-finger-drag, will you guys consider putting effort into it, or is that a definite no-no?

Also; do you guys have any place in which your customers can suggest and upvote ideas to improve your products? I remember Ubuntu had something like that back in the days (about 10 years ago) which I think worked really well. You’ve got a very knowledgeable and involved customer base which you can leverage to your (and our) advantage. :slight_smile:

Regardless I wish you a beautiful day


I’m also very interested in the three-finger drag gesture (in fact it’s the second gesture I use most, after two-finger pan). And one of the reasons I started to dislike Apple is their less and less support for this gesture in recent MacOS versions (it was a main gesture in SnowLeopard, while it’s deeply hidden in obscure accessibility settings nowadays).

I use it all the time:

For moving a window: three finger drag
For selecting text on a terminal or on a text editor: three finger drag
For rotating the camera in 3D OpenGL views: three finger drag
For drag and drop: three finger drag

When this gesture is not active on a Mac, I really feel like the Mac is broken, as I’m using the gesture all the time.

Cannot this be implemented in Purism products?

I think the implementation should be easy (maybe even through some sort of user macro/script), because it’s a gesture transparent to applications (even transparent to the desktop).

What happens when you do a three finger drag is that a “left mouse button click” event is triggered, followed by “mouse motion” events. Finally, a “left mouse button release” event is triggered when you release your fingers from the trackpad.

Can these events translation be added by some user-installable script?

TriggerMouseMovedEvent( Xdisplacement, Ydisplacement);
TriggerMouseMovedEvent( Xdisplacement, Ydisplacement);

As easy as that. Cannot this be done?


Could you try this GNOME extension: