Threema messanger

Can threema somehow used on the L5?

There’s a web client, but you need to also have it installed on an android or iphone.

In theory you might be able to, as Threema does not have to be registered with a phone number. However, it would be best to contact Threem that company and ask them if they have a client for the aarch64 architecture.

I use threema on my degoogled android and tried to use the web client but almost immediately decided that I did not want to use it. From my perspective, threema is an app that only works on android and iphone.

The web client does the job for when I’ve used it. Same with the desktop app, but both need the phone app to allow and maintain the session.

Change announced in next major update of the desktop app (but when ?):
“version 2.0 no longer requires an active connection to your mobile device. This is to say that you’ll be able to use the desktop app even if your smartphone happens to be turned off.”

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That is a very good thing! Since the warning in the threema app is that “The desktop app / web client may cause some additional battery drain while it is active”.

I wonder if the phone will still be necessary to have a threema account.

today I wrote Threema a message and this is what I got. In hope it being useful for the community.

Dear Mr. X

Unfortunately there's no Threema app for PureOS and there are currently no plans for a
port as we're currently focusing on other projects such as a new desktop client with
secure non-centralized multi device functionality (which *may* work on PureOS as well).

However, since all clients are Open Source, it would be possible for the community to
build a dedicated version for other operating systems. The source code of apps, web and
desktop clients can be found here:

Best regards


Outside of official Threema and their plan to build an app that’s hopefully going to work for us with Threema Desktop, there’s a project on GitHub that might be worth investigating:

I have built it on my PinePhone in the past and it starts, but since the UI is not really mobile friendly, I have never set it up with an Threema account and used the Threema Web thing instead.