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Hello, I can hardly wait to hold the Librem 5 in my hands. The device is perfectly adapted to my needs. I have a question. I have been using the Android Messenger Threema for quite some time. I am very satisfied with this Messenger, because it places a lot of value on privacy. Has there ever been contact between Purism and Threema? I was able to convince many friends to switch from WhatsApp to Threema. But it becomes almost impossible to communicate with them via a messenger from Librem 5. Therefore it would be very desirable to create a bridge between both worlds. I can also imagine that this could have a positive effect on Librem 5.

I would be pleased about information and your thoughts.

The official website of Threema is:

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Why do you open a new topic? You already found the other that has a possible solution: Threema via Chatty

It’s currently also the only messenger I use, so I hope for the bridge in above thread. There will never be partnership with Purism. Threema is proprietary software, and they don’t intend to change it.
The most likely way to have a “real” Threema instead of a Chatty plugin is via an Android compatibility layer. We’ll see when we get one…