Thunderbird 68.1 *may* not work yet

I finally decided to try Thunderbird 68.1. (I get Thunderbird from Mozilla directly and untar the package after verifying the signature. This process makes it easier to back out.)

Upon launch, I only get dark windows, regardless of the application appearance settings in Gnome Tweaks. I will spare everyone my debugging steps, but I am guessing the prereq for GTK3 not yet being met in PureOS is causing my problem. Thunderbird 68 requires GTK 3.4; I have PureOS with amber updates at 3.24.5. (This is the same level as Buster.) I have not traced it to a particular item, but I am not going to spend any more time due to being down-level from the requirement.

I would be interested if anyone else has been successful; otherwise, I’ll bide my time. :slight_smile:


I guess I got burned by my assumption that 3.4 was newer than 3.24.5. After a bit of poking around, I see it is an older version (c. 2012). Further research has me completely confused on version numbers for GTK+. Can some guru help me understand?

I may spend more time on this afterall.

UPDATE: I was a dummkopf. Right after I posted this, I had an idea. It was apparmor that was preventing me from seeing any fonts. The problem can be fixed by adding:

 owner /dev/shm/org.mozilla.* rw, # added for v. 68.1

to the profile.

Add-ons are still a bit of a problem. I have had to add them back via ‘file install.’ I’ll have to look at that too.