Thunderbird checksums unavailable on the official site

Hello. I just downloaded thunderbird-91.10.0.tar.bz2 and I want to verify the download on PureOS, their page is not showing the checksums and I do not want to use Firefox because right now I am happy with “Web” which was packaged on my PureOS copy. This way I can’t ask questions or help on the Moz://a community. Any Ideas?

It seems just does not provide any checksums or other ways to verify the download.

But can you explain more what you are trying to do and what you goal is? The usual way to install thunderbird in PureOS would not be be to download it from a website, but to find and install it in the software center. Alternatively, you can also do sudo apt install thunderbird in a terminal. Both will get it from trusted software repositories.

Apologies if you knew all this already. Do you have a reason that you want to download thunderbird form the mozilla website and not install it “as usual”?

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Yes, I knew I could download from the trusted software repositories but as I am relatively new to PureOS and GNU/Linux I was wondering why they do not provide the checksums on the site anymore. No other reason. Pretty simple from the command-line. Thanks @m4lvin.

That would be a question for the Thunderbird developers rather than Purism or PureOS. In the same way that you wouldn’t contact Microsoft about this issue if you were using Windows.

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Bad example because you wouldn’t contact Microsoft about an issue with Windows if you were using Windows. :rofl:

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I missed this post; sorry to be a bit behind.

I am not exactly sure I understand your question, so I hope this helps. You can get the package and SHA checksums directly from Mozilla’s Thunderbird Repository. Search for the version you want, e.g. 102.0. (If you ever need it, the Firefox one is here.)

If you get the packages directly, like I do, be aware that you may need to do some tweaking to get the thunderbird.desktop and icons working.

Why would you use the checksum rather than verifying the package with the public PGP key for Mozilla Software Releases? You would need that to verify the integrity of the checksum file anyway.