Thunderbird Librem 5

Thunderbird isn’t ideal for the small screen, but it works. Now, with the latest update, Supernova runs, and it actually fits the screen. Most cool.


Thank you for the information! Would you be able to give us a couple of screenshots?


Seriously! Supernova is a fork of Thunderbird?

Edit:Back in before it is read, but I know now that Supernova is just the release name of the current version of Thunderbird.


I tried, and it’s not really great, at least out of the box:

I selected the “compact” mode and removes every unnecessary headers and sidebars but still can’t see the folder list (I do in landscape mode, but there the message pane is hidden). The message header is so huge that here I can’t actually see the message (that header stays there when scrolling the message).

Probably some css tuning and scripting can make it work, though. I would love to because I think Thunderbird on the laptop is really great. What we really need is to see only one of the three panes at a time (folders, message list, individual message).

@Gunnar also curious to see your setup, if it looks better than on my phone…

(EDIT: that’s my spam folder btw. I don’t actually enjoy unbridled luxury, wines or golf :slight_smile: )