Timeline - local and federated missing?

I just started looking around social.librem.one and read some about mastodon.

There are references to different ‘timelines’ e.g. here.

I have a button ‘home’ in social.librem.one, but I do not find a way to access the local timeline or the federated timeline.

Can anybody shed some light?

The timelines have been disabled. This article explains the logic of it: https://puri.sm/posts/opt-in-no-ads-and-no-tracking-solve-a-lot-of-problems-in-society/

Not that I can really follow with the mentioned logic and why there even is no opt-in or other way just to browse through some random material to get some impression and ideas what to follow, but my question is answered - thanks :slight_smile: !

I’d suggest that this information should be available (at least as a reference) on social.librem.one e.g. behind the link About this server .

The referenced documentation says:

Understanding a website’s policies

Before you sign up for a service, it is important to understand its policies and terms of use. A Mastodon website will usually have its policies listed on the /about/more page, which can be found by clicking “learn more” on the landing page while not logged in to that website.

And also in docs.puri.sm there is no reference to this information - even though there is a screen shot of the starting tutorial showing the difference between the three timelines.