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Which of the Linux versions of Teamviewer should I be installing?

I wish to Install Teamviewer under Pure O/S.
Teamviewer has several options of which Linux to use.
I have the latest Pure O/S updates (about to).

The versions they suggest are:

Ubuntu, Debian

*.deb package 15.41.7
↓ x86 64bit ↓ x86 32bit

Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora

*.rpm package 15.41.7
↓ x86 64bit ↓ x86 32bit


↓ x86 64bit ↓ x86 32bit

Other systems (not officially supported)

*.tar package 15.41.7
↓ x86 64bit ↓ x86 32bit

Which is most suitable for desktop running Pure O/S?

Basic specs are:
HP Z400 Workstation
64 Bit
Intel Xeon CPU W3520 @2.37 ghz x 4

Detailed specs are at HP site.

Thanks for the read,

The .deb package.


And the 64bit version.

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Turns out it is a “unsupported file” Yeesh!

I checked the ‘Store’, and didn’t find it there. Got the .deb right off of Teamviewer site.

C’est la vie

Could you cut and paste the terminal session showing this error?

Double click on the actual Deb package to install it

Thanks @MidnightSun (https:

but that opens the Extract widow with 3 files:
I just discovered 'screencap using ALT + PrtScr (print screen)
I never thought anyone would ever get around to using the PrtScr keysorry for long spaces below image.

Or use sudo dpkg -i instead of sudo apt install.

If that doesn’t work, remove the / from the left of Downloads.

Your path is not probably not correct. I assume you’ve downloaded the file to your Downloads folder in your home directory. Try sudo apt install ~/Downloads/teamviewer_15.41.7_amd64.deb where ~ is a shorthand for /home/pure1/.

The / you have in the screenshot means the path is starting from your root directory, which is probably not what you want.


Ugh. OK, that’s just a shit error message.

What it means is: non-existent file.

Note that this happens for me on Ubuntu too, so I guess it is common Debian behaviour (and not specific to PureOS, and not specific to your computer :wink:).

If you install with dpkg -i xyz.deb you at least get a sane error message (No such file or directory).

Ok, that’s a really stupid error message.
But I’d still recommend apt, as it will install missing dependencies automatically.
Just make sure the path is proper and contains a /, even if in the current working directory, like
apt install ./package.deb


Or optionally, you can first change the directory from home (which is where terminal always starts) to the downloads directory (which is where the package is located).

Like this:
YourUserNameWhatever:~$ cd Downloads

…which will put you there:

…then type the command to install the package (without further specifying a path, since you’re already there).

Type “cd” at the command line to return to the home directory.

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But that’s exactly what @Caliga said not to do - and I believe he is correct (if you use apt install).

The point is, and I haven’t checked the source code,

  • if the argument to apt install contains a slash character then it must be the path name to an existent .deb file
  • if the argument to apt install does not contain a slash character then it must be the name of a package

So sudo apt install foo.deb
E: Unable to locate package foo.deb
E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'foo.deb'

But sudo apt install ./foo.deb
E: Unsupported file ...

So you always need to specify a path, even if it’s just ./


Further to that. I booted up this a.m. and after getting to desktop I discovered that I lost 3 HDDS and 4 OS’s. Pop, Ubuntu, Win 10. Puri1 is OK
When I checked for “Other places” in the Files app, all were gone except the the one with Puri OS, but Puri OS is missing all pics, added apps except or the pic I uploaded in this topic.

I think that for whatever reason, at boot, I would rarely choose anything but Pure OS. Today I realized that the option doesn’t appear now. That is, straight from boot to the encryption password them to Pure OS but a different one.
The new pic here shows “Computer” and “996 GB” Click “996 GB” > usr > Home > Pure1 > Pictures is the correct PureOS to boot. But doesn’t.
Odd that Pure1 is inside the Home?
I’ve no idea how it jumped around UNLESS I dragged the pure1 folder into Home?



After many hours of trial and error, I managed to find the 1 HDD, the original PURE OS that is.
It’s like having a old friend drop by who just won the lottery.
BONUS: I got the multi-boot screen back. Wahoo!
Now to remap them all.

Thanks Sharon.
You’re welcome Sharon.

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