To Purism Staff/Software Center (Compliment)

So I checked the application choices available in the PureOS software center and have been surprised that the number of increased choices available compared to when I first installed the OS in VirtualBox.

Thank you for your hard work in this area to each one of you @todd-weaver et al. It is amazing to see progress happen - relatively - quickly; especially from when I first found your company in one article I found via search (can’t remember which article) at least a year ago.

I am even seeing software choices that were already included in the Pop_OS! software center being included in yours. The Fund Your App idea is definitely a positive direction toward sustainable software development for linux.

I have been watching the laptops also, including the new multi-core CPU for the new 14" laptop workstations coming out next year. I hope your goals are to include a more powerful GPU chip in the future, not asking for a huge leap in GPU power, for the next laptop version series after the 14" laptops have been out.

Edit: Even though my visits to here appear random, I am still keeping track of your developments at least 2 to 4 times per month and seeing how things develop.