To the Purism company: I love you

Don’t be discouraged if there are criticisms at this time. You are doing a job that is a fundamental stone in the history of our society. I don’t know you all but I thank Todd, Nicole, Dorota, Guido, Davide, Adrien, Ian, Sebastian, Rinigus, Angus, Mohammed, Tobias and all the others whose name I don’t know for your work. I’ll wait for the phone and send it to me when you’re ready.
Good job.

Speech to the Athenians 461 a.c. Pericles -

Here in Athens we do so.

Here our government favors the many instead of the few: and for this reason
it is called democracy.

Here in Athens we do so.

The laws here ensure an equal justice for all in theirs
private disputes, but we never ignore the merits of excellence.
When a citizen stands out, then it will, in preference to
others, called to serve the State, but not as an act of privilege, as a reward for merit, and poverty does not constitute an impediment.

Here in Athens we do so.

The freedom we enjoy also extends to everyday life; we do not
we are suspicious of each other and never bother ours
next if our neighbor likes to live in his own way.
We are free, free to live just as we like and yet
we are always ready to face any danger.

An Athenian citizen does not neglect public affairs when he is waiting at
own private matters, but above all does not take care of the public
business to solve his private matters.

Here in Athens we do so.

We have been taught to respect the magistrates, and we have been taught
also to respect the laws and never forget that we must
protect those who receive offense.

And we were also taught to respect those unwritten laws that
they reside in the universal feeling of what is right and what is
common sense.

Here in Athens we do so.

A man who does not care about the State we do not consider harmless,
but useless; and although few are able to give life to one
politics, well, everyone here in Athens can judge it.

We do not consider the discussion as an obstacle on the way to
We believe that happiness is the fruit of freedom, but freedom
be only the fruit of value.
In short, I proclaim that Athens is the school of Hellas and that every
Athenian grows developing in himself a happy versatility, self-confidence, readiness to face any situation and that’s why our city is open to the world and we never hunt a foreigner.

Here in Athens we do so


Let’s hope the L5 doesn’t become ancient history :slight_smile: (too soon)

Well said! :smiley::heart:


and value be a fruit of beeing human. robots have value too … but they are slaves none-the-less.

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Good to see we get free entertainment while waiting for the phone - and raising the tone of the forum as an added bonus.


I believe this topic should be moved to off topic, I find it quite offensive actually. Anyway, citing Dante in English language it’s quite bad, probably he tumble in his tomb, as the Italians would say.

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Curious why translations are offensive? Anyhow, mods can choose to ask Antpanlinux to edit their post if there’s something horribly wrong with posting translations (again, I’m totally missing something here (honestly have no clue) but I do that a lot). I’m sure it wasn’t their intent to offend anyone :slight_smile:

Oh no, the offensive part was related only to the inutility of such a topic in a forum like this, especially considering that was under the Librem 5 tag.

The other “translation” part is because Dante is considered the “father of the Italian language”, and the passage of the Divina Commedia that antpalinux cited in their last post, was referred to the “ignavi”, people that in life chose to do not take a side in life (there is a long debate about why Dante condemned them, but this is a super OT), allegedly referring to the people in the forum that are rightly frustrated by the behaviour of Purism. Honestly, I found a bit annoying this fanboysm that lately is spreading in the community: seems like who are expressing some (right) resentment against Purism for what happened lately, has to be insulted by some members of the forum. That’s a form of censorship after all.

A part from that, it shouldn’t be translated for the sake of the Italian language. Not seriously of course! :wink:

my apologies if my post wasn’t clear enough (and probably this one is even less clear)


If someone considers an offensive post, I withdraw it because, in my opinion, I’m hurting someone’s susceptibility, and I’m sorry. The phrase of Dante Alighieri
"Fame of them the world is not loose;
mercy and justice disdains them:
do not reason with them, but look and pass. "he refers, to the Ignavi who are among the worst damned according to the poet,
as they have never made clear decisions in life,
choosing the path of cowardice. He condemns them precisely because of this
reason, in fact, defines them not worthy of note and of
any consideration unlike other damned that at least - albeit
wrongly - they took a clear position which then led them to
choose the path of perdition and evil.
For him it is not even worth talking about these damned, because
having never done anything good in the course of their earthly existence, it is not even worth bothering to look at them or consider them.
If i had mentioned Oscar Wilde “Never argue with an idiot. It drags you to its level and beats you with experience.” maybe I could be offensive. However, I withdrew the post precisely out of respect for others (a principle unknown to all those who are subtly insulting the Purism society).

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Well, firstly, thanks for that because I didn’t know the history of that piece :slight_smile: TIL

I can’t talk to others experiences, but I can for myself: I’m already celebrating! :smiley: Even if I never ever get a phone, I’ll still be happy with the great repository of mobile Free software and gains in hardware and market that have been made in just two years. I’ve already gotten why I put my money down long ago. So my mood hasn’t anything to do with anyone else, I’m sincerely ecstatic to the point that Sunshine Day has been playing through my head ever since they announced. I’m not going to apologise for that anymore than I would apologise to people in seats close to me wearing a visiting teams jersey when the leafs score a goal at the game.

//edit: P.S. That’s fangrrrl in this case :slight_smile:


Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight (Be My Baby)

L5 (Libby) i would take you home tonight but you’re not old enough yet !

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I’m offended by facts, could you please withdraw everyone’s posts containing any facts? Thx. :wink:


FWIW I do think the team deserves praise, I also think that, while I don’t want the team to be discouraged by the criticisms on here, I do believe they are intelligent enough to separate the constructive from destructive and will continue to learn and grow as people and a company from those constructive criticisms.


Of course they’re smart enough to recognise destructive behaviours, but over time people get “worn down” (O.K. a lot more than that but I don’t think this is the venue for that conversation). That’s why you see so many clever people in bad relationships or in jobs that are essentially fifedoms, etc. etc. :frowning:


That depends on how the post was intended to be taken. The post certainly isn’t an enquiry about the Librem 5, or any other Purism product. So yeah could be “off topic”.

Maybe Purism needs to introduce two new categories i.e. the Love Lounge and the Whinge Lounge. :rofl:

PS Not all of us are capable of reading Dante in the original (any more than I am capable of reading the speech of Pericles in the original).


I believe this post (the original one) is super on-topic. It’s about the Librem 5 and thanking for that.

I totally agree with the expressed opinion and I’m happy someone has raised their voice! I paid money for this vision becoming reality (I didn’t order the phone, I supported the vision and the software development; whether I get the promised t-shirt or not I don’t care too much). I’m really glad it happened.

P.S.: In extension to Athen’s society, today’s one should - and hopefully is - also including women. :+1: :female_detective: