To use Librem one with IPhone/Android

Hi librem community, I’d like to know if it’s possible to use Librem one service with devices different from Librem devices. For example, in the meanwhile my reserved librem 5 arrives to me, could I use LO with my iPhone?
Thank you

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note that Librem Chat and Librem Social iOS apps haven’t been updated in 3 years - whether that’s good or bad is up to you.

You can of course install any regular Mastodon client for Librem Social, and any Matrix client (such as the official Element Messenger) for Librem Chat, and they will work as well…


Thank you, Irvinewade! Thanks to your post, I bought this service Nov 24th, 8 days ago! Unfortunately it doesn’t works. I’m not able to use LO services so I wrote an email to the Purism Tech Customer. João answered me same day and in a kind way explained me he forwarded my request of assistance to some colleague but due Thanksgiving holiday no one was working (of course! No problem for me). But then I emailed next Thu and he wrote me back same: he forwarded my email to colleagues. Yesterday was 1 week I bought this service and I can’t use it yet and no support received! Honestly that made me very sad, because since I discovered L5, I always understood and supported Purism in their difficulties: I ordered L5 and some other accessories plus I paid to develop a couple of apps. I trusted them and I always set myself from their side but now, honestly, I’m feeling left alone! Yesterday I wrote them again asking help (other than asking them to set my expiration year at the beginning of working LO services) but no answer at all! That’s very bad! I think that also if they’re working on my issue, it’d be nice to update, sometimes, me! Periodically communicate with clients is important! It’s the basic, the A B C, of Public Relations and a good manner to manage clients! It’s part of winning business!
So, at this point, I’m writing here hoping that, at least, someone from you, Community, could help me just to makes LO service working.
Here screenshot of my login page:

I think it’s going to be very hard for us to fix this for you. We don’t have access to the administration software and we don’t have access to Purism’s server.

For fault isolation, what other devices do you have?

I gather you have an iPhone and I gather that it doesn’t work with Librem One.

Do you have any Android phone?

Do you have a random Linux computer to try with?

What specific components of Librem One are you wanting to use? have tried unsuccessfully?

Have you tried alternative clients as suggested above?

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Thank you again!! I’ve Android smartphone too and notebook with Debian, so I’m going to try three!!
Thank you :pray:
Hoping, in the meanwhile, to receive support from Purism :sweat_smile:

Ok, tested it! Same problem. I suppose it depends from Purism administration: to give me permission to use it. I don’t have it yet.
I’ll send another email now to João that was so kind and quick answer!
Thank you, @irvinewade, for suggestion!! :pray: