Today is Sep 24! Did anyone get to select modem yet?


Or none of the very private and privacy minded people who have received an email have decided to share that information publicly.

There’s does not appear to be a way to confirm the difference from outside Purism at this time.


Seems someone has supposedly gotten a email about it.

I think the above statements are right about people receiving the early devices being private about it.


Where was this message posted?


Librem one support channel (use this to get on it using a PC)


Finally! I know I should be happy about it, yet my immediate feeling when hearing it is massive jealousy. :grin:


Seems the chat timestamps are off though?


I don’t mind waiting myself, so I’m just excited to see the end product from others!


Yup. Some more indepth video reviews so i can drool myself to sleep would be great!