Today is Sep 24! Did anyone get to select modem yet?

The email about choosing shipping batch said the following:

Once we have assigned your order to a batch we will follow up with you to select the modem
and power supply you would like and to confirm the correct shipping address.

If I understand correctly this means that we should get another email asking about modem and power supply choices. Since shipping is supposed to start Sep 24 (today!), I guess at least the luckiest first in line for Aspen should have gotten such emails already, otherwise it will not be possible to start shipping them today.

The shipping announcement said the Aspen “shipping window” was from Sep 24 to Oct 22 so not all Aspen need to be shipped on Sep 24, but the top Mastodon post says “Librem 5 shipping starting 24 September 2019”:

Did anyone get a modem choice email yet?


I’m curious too. If they start shipping today, do they have the time to read every responded emails before shipping by end of the day? I hope they will send me modem choice email for Dogwood or Evergreen sooner rather than at the last minute. If Aspen customers haven’t received modem choice email yet then something’s wrong or modem can be shipped separately and installed by customers.

Maybe, first Aspen copies are for internal employees and external partners.

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I don’t think I have to select a modem in North America but I doubt I’m going to get much sleep today anyhow.

Could it be you have misunderstood the meaning of the term ‘window’?


“Window”… yes, the shipping announcement says that. But Purism themselves wrote “Librem 5 shipping starting 24 September 2019” in the Mastodon post. Was that just nonsense then?

If the term “window” can be used to skip any deadlines, then why not say the “window” was from Jan 1 to Oct 22, then things would look even better. :stuck_out_tongue:

To me, when they write “Librem 5 shipping starting 24 September 2019” then that means that shipping will actually start 24 September 2019.


Yes, sounds reasonable…:wink:

Or it’s like a rocket launch, if the weather is bad at the opening of the launch window, it will occur later in the window :wink:


I was waiting for someone to create this topic and new speculation to begin :slight_smile:
Also, I was kinda expcting they’ll delay a bit.


“Shipping” doesn’t have to mean “the boxes are going on the truck.” It could be a more generalized term for the start of the shipping process, which includes finding out which modem and power supply people want. If I were to imagine an org chart or something outlining the development and delivery schedule for the L5, I would think that the beginning of the process would include gathering the necessary info to begin the shipping process in the “Shipping” column. I would think that at the very least the “what modem do you want?” emails would be getting sent out today, then everything can be packaged and loaded in the next few days or week or so.

Edit: the logic of my analogy is slightly circular, but you get the picture


Yes, I guess we’re about to find out what the weather is like in Purism Delivery Land. :slight_smile:


Technically the L5’s are in a continuous shipping state on a planet moving relative to other universal bodies :slight_smile:


Cool! My L5 arrived today! Didn’t even have a chance to select a modem…


Photo or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:


Let us know if they know how to handle your desire to change out your modem for their chosen version. The company’s communications being as poor as it has been, I am not so sure that they might readily exchange out a Broadmi for a Gemalto or visa versa without some extra machinations.

I’m sorry. It was all just a lie.
It’s the waiting, I guess, and the uncertainty: it is starting to get to me…


I am too much of a gentleman to have voiced the suspicion. I do hope that you or whoever does get a unit will however immediately post dimensions noted for those of us who remain curious and desirous of considering how to manage the business by way of protection and securing it to our persons.


I’m sure people will post photos and dimensions once they are received. In the very unlikely event that they haven’t by the time I receive mine, I will post some. It’ll be interesting to see how much difference there will be between batches.

I reckon if all goes well, Purism will probably post something in News or Librem Social by the end of the day.


Good afternoon João Azevedo. Are there how many phones in each batch?