Too small icons near kill switches

The icons near kill switches are so small that in low light room you need a magnifying glass to see them.

May be do some for increase icons size in next version L5?

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How you want to make them bigger? There is no space to do so and moving kill-switches away for that purpose makes them more unwieldy.

In fact, you just need the icons for the very beginning and after using few times, you can use it without looking at it.

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I think an increase is possible, for example if move icons closer to top of phone.

Yes, icons are needed only for first time. But first time I didn’t see them well. Of course, I looked purpose of kill switches in documentation. Icons were useless.

Alternative way to improve icons visibility: Make them white (now are gray and hard to see on black background).


Send your feedback and ideas to Purism.

Use a Brother brand P5 label maker and put the label on the back near and in alignment to the switches?

(Or other brand.)

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Or red.
(You could even paint them yourself, by the way.)

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An alternative, if physical space prevents increasing the icon size, would be to add icons on the screen, lined up with the corresponding switches, that you could bring up in some way in order to help new users. (Of course that won’t help if you want to operate the switches while the phone is shut down.)

This has a slight downside if the software on the phone is compromised.

Edit: Update to that thought … looking at my phone, by rearranging the icons of the display accessed by touching the top line, this could almost be achieved by default i.e. make sure that mobile network icon is in the top row, make sure that WiFi and Bluetooth icons are in the next row.