Tootle for PureOS/Debian

I propose Tootle(native Linux Mastodon client) be included in the PureOS repos. The flatpak experience is somewhat buggy, so I built it myself. No longer buggy, it runs like a dream!

Since most people are not technical enough to build themselves, I propose including Tootle in the PureOS repos.

What say you?

I say, “Heck, I swear it was there some weeks ago”
Currently seems to be only in sid, maybe has been removed from buster during stabilization, and this (accidentally) propagated to PureOS?

Other option: it was removed in favor of the Librem Social app in the upcoming PureOS store (which very well might end up being tootle :wink: )


That would be cool. The only issue I would take with it is the current bug in Librem Social. That being, it crashes when you logging into an instance other than Librem Social. I admit, I dug out my old iphone to check out the app.