Tor Browser Window Size

A few questions for current owners of the Librem 5. If possible, depending on your use case, please provide images.

  1. After opening the Tor Browser, what window size does the browser default to?

  2. Is this different depending on the scaling settings used by PureOS?

  3. Are grey bars shown, if any?

  4. Are any of these factors, if any, affected by orientation, such as landscape?

Relevant articles regarding browser window size deanonymization can be found at the Tor Project’s website.

Their Onion site equivalent.


@amarok, would you be interested in answering these questions?

I actually don’t have Tor browser.

Would you be interested in installing it for the purposes of answering the questions I have?

Downloaded from Tor website, verified signature, extracted to Home on L5. Clicked Tor Setup and got: “Tor Browser requires a CPU with SSE2 support. Exiting.”

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Ah. I downloaded TB on my PinePhone where it didn’t start. I had no time to track it down yet.

But TB is based on FF ESR and there are some custom settings which made FF useable for mobile devices. Probably they can be applied to TB, too. Maybe we need a ARM64 build first.

Thank you for attempting @amarok.

@prolog There is an tracker issue URL provided below regarding Tor on ARM64.