Total n00b totally confused

so, i signed up for a librem one free account thinking i’d check it out. now i have no idea what to do. i don’t see any desktop apps, i do most everything from my kubuntu desktop rather than a phone or tablet. do i access things from a desktop app? only on a phone or device? through a browser? i don’t see any tutorials that would show me how to set anything up. i don’t get the relationship between mastodon and librem one, do i have to sign up for both to get anything to work? i’ve looked at some things on youtube but they are mostly policy oriented, addressing controversies over appropriating other apps and such. they all assume it’s all up and running already. i’ve managed to avoid facebook until now and thought librem sounded good but i can’t figure it out at all. (i’m sure this will be an incredibly embarrassing post once i do get it.)

oh, and by the way, when i signed up for the account, at the end of the process, there was a notification that librem one was no longer an available product or something. completely confused.

any clues appreciated,


Hi babag,

The Librem One documentation is here ->

I generally use my phone. But I do use Librem Social on the desktop sometimes by going to

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Purism: this is what I meant when I posted previously about things not just working :slight_smile:

More out-of-the-box functionality needs to be preset.

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thanks. helped. when i got to mastodon, though, there was a notice to either use search or go to the ‘publib timeline’ which appeared as a link. when i clicked it it said the resource was not available.

thanks again,

The mail client can be configured using your current mail client, just refer to the documentation for the mail server settings.

You can use to use your chat account.

The Social client can be access via the web portal as leetaur posted.

As far as the VPN service: you should be able to congifure a VPN through kubuntu using the native VPN client.

The apps are mostly for mobile devices.

thanks. just installed riot im. how do i integrate it with librem chat? it’s asking me to log in or create an account. not sure if i need a separate riot account to start or if i use some kind of librem login.

thanks again,

maybe not. looking at the docs for librem one it says something about setting the advanced setting for homeserver to ‘’. i’m not seeing that in my ‘revolt’ client, which i installed as synaptic said it was a better desktop integration for riot. riot didn’t show up as an option so i chose revolt. forget the part below about having figured it out.

ok. i think i’m set up on riot and matrix. giant pain in the butt but, hopefully, only for one time.


I only use it for email on T-Bird myself nearly 8 months now. (I even got the paid version.)

Waiting for the L5 to get into it.