Touchpad/keyboard mode?

Does anyone remember the Ubuntu phone? Do you remember how, when plugged into an external monitor, the phone display would switch to operating as a touchpad with a button that would bring up a keyboard? That was a really good idea!

Has there been any effort to do something like that for the Librem 5?


I still use an Ubuntu phone (a BQ E4.5) as my daily driver and from time to time an Ubuntu phone tablet (from BQ as well, the M10). I never could connect an external monitor to the BQ E4.5 (AFAIK this is not possible), but the M10 has a HDMI port which works fine. But in this case I use an additional BT keyboard, which has an integrated touchpad too.

It would be cool to be able to use the L5 as an input device. Especially if it can be drawn on using a stylus. It seems the phone is going to be pretty big which would make this even better.

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