Touchpad Librem 14

Since recently I am the proud owner of a librem 14 notebook with pure os.

Basically, I am absolutely fan of the notebook and the installed components. Only the touchpad seems to me somehow faulty, slow and not comparable with other average touchpads…

did you have the same experience, can something be improved here software / driver side?

Tweaking the trackpad speed in Settings was good enough for me. The feel of it took a little getting used to, but I like it now. My only issue with it now is that my right hand will sometimes brush the trackpad while I’m typing. This moves the cursor location. So, when it happens I have to figure out where the last bit I typed went on the screen. I’m aware of that happening, so I try to be careful with my right hand when typing. It’s now not that much of an inconvenience. That’s my 2 cents.

In gnome-tweaks there is a setting under Keyboard & Mouse for Touchpad / Disable While Typing

Would that help?

Thank you. I do have that toggled on. Maybe I pause more than most people while typing. I think it sometimes happens during those pauses in my typing.