Touchscreens for the laptop line

I got a family computer running Elementary OS. It is a Dell all in one that has a touchscreen. It is actually very useful at times.

I imagine should the Librem 11 come back that touchscreen expertise will be there and this request might become a natural progression on the librem laptop lines. One can hope right?

Thoughts? Do you find touchscreens on laptops useful?

Yes. Had a Yoga 13 before Librem 13 and I still occasionally try to scroll a web page on the screen…
It should go hand in hand with a 360 hinge so it can be flipped to be tablet.


I think with the experience Purism is getting in integrating a touch screen into PureOS with the Librem 5 is going to pay dividends to future Purism touchscreen products.

Very smart progression from Purism’s perspective.

Touch and stylus input are quite useful on laptops. The lack of these are a big drawback for me when considering whether to buy a Librem laptop. I think it would work really well with convergence and the investment in touch UX designs for the Librem 5.