Tow-Boat - make booting boring


I just read about Tow-Boot. Idea behind this is unifying images on mobile phones.

So like on a PC where I just download a x64 image of debian, pureos, arch independent if I have a dell, asus or any other motherboard / pc. Currently there are images seperate for every phone, which is kind of a mess if you think about one tiny distribution which does not have the capacity to create images for every phone.

I think this project goes aligned to Purism’s goals to have anyone install any os on the Librem 5.

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It is an interesting idea. I especially like the idea of breaking u-boot up to separate the firmware part (like BIOS on a PC) from the bootloader part (like GRUB on a PC), and not having the distro be responsible for the firmware part. That will definitely make it easier for distros to port to new devices.

However the project is only 9 months old, has poor documentation, supports a very limited number of devices and hasn’t really proven itself at this point. Purism would have to do a lot of dev work on tow-boot since it doesn’t support any i.MX processors, and adding another development project is the last thing that Purism needs. This may be a good idea for Purism to adopt 5 years from now when tow-boot is better developed and supports many more chips, but right now I would advise against it. Purism needs to stay focused on Phosh and the L5’s hardware, and avoid distractions that could delay it even further.


When tow-boot in the L5? Working so good in the PinePhone


If you do not want to wait, port it.