Track pad hold down key: Librem 14

I’ve noticed that using the trackpad to select text is quite difficult, as the ‘holding down’ lets go to easily. It seems that the physical trackpad press is not very sensitive which makes copy pasting text very hard.

Since this seems like a hardware issue, I’m wondering if there is a keyboard key I can hold down to mimick the trackpad being pressed and then I can do the dragging with my finger.

This is the sort of thing that you can do with “Accessibility” but I don’t know how exactly.

The trackpad on the L14 “hinges” on the top which makes a full pushdown click and drag difficult if you are used to more modern trackpads that can be pressed anywhere equally. If you go into settings and turn on Tap to Click you can double tap to start a selection and then keep your finger on the trackpad after the second tap and drag it around to make your selection. Not as nice as a full click that you hod down with a finger and use a second finger to move around but I got used to it already.

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thanks! i’m actually liking this better than the physical pushdown.

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Triple tapping and dragging selects entire words, requiring less precision.