Trackpad stopped working after update

I received a notification this morning telling me there were updates available. I clicked reboot and install. The Librem has rebooted with a non working trackpad.

That Librem is a month old and I have not tweaked the system, it’s PureOS. So I thought if this happened to me it must have happened to more people. I should probably ask here before I start fiddling with the system.

Has it happened to anyone? Should I wait for another update? Or is it just me and I should try to debug that?


I must mention the Fn-F1 key that disables the track pad. Perhaps it is disabled?

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@purism121 thanks for this highly technical explanation. After lots of efforts I finally got through it.
(read: yes that was just a matter of hitting Fn-F1… facepalm :smile: )


what is fn-f1? If one don’t hvehave a computer or a separate key board. What do I do then? I can’t see a solution here.

Fn + F1 is a two-key combination referring to the function keys.

Two options:

  1. Get access/acquire another computer or keyboard.
  2. Contact Purism support.

This topic is presumably talking about a Purism laptop, although this is not stated. One can infer this from the age of the post.

This topic does not apply to a Librem 5.

@JCS can this topic be moved to Librem 13/15 and/or a keyword be attached?


This thread is labeled librem 13/15. Of course the 15 turned into the 14. This was all back when Purism cared about laptops and no one had heard about a Purism phone.

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To be accurate, the Librem 13 was superceded by the Librem 14, whereas the Librem 15 has yet to experience the same event with the upcoming Librem 16.

Um, no. It was changed to be that way in response to my post. It was previously miscategorised, hence leading to an incorrect necro.

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