Transfer Android Phone Pictures to Librem 14?

How do I get my Librem 14 to connect to my Android Phone? I would like to transfer photos to my Librem 14 from the phone. When I use Files 3.38.2 it sees the phone but cant connect (Unable to open MTP device) Do I need another Application? Thanks, Fred

Maybe you need to grant MTP access at your phone.

As I find MTP unreliable I used the android file manager “ghost commander” togther with it’s SFTP plugin. You have to enable SSH on your L14 to do that. Unfortunately this stopped working for me. Probably something changed in the SFTP plugin. Don’t know for sure.

So currently I go with option three and use termux on android and use the scp command like:

scp -r filesOnAndroid myUser@myHost:/targetDirectory

Thanks I will give it a try.

Total Commander works using SFTP. And there’s always NextCloud. Use the android client to upload your files to your NextCloud and you can access them from anywhere.

Not sure it’s best but I’m using a thumb drive and SanDisk Android App to save the files which I can then open using the Pure OS File Manager. Trying to keep with FOSS. Thanks All for your suggestions!

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