Trezor and Ledger Nano on Purism Debian Linux?

Hello everyone.

I’m new here and want to buy a Purism laptop for privacy and security when buying/trading/storing cryptos.

I’m a total newbie and know nothing about Linux.

I want to make sure that Purism can work with a Trezor and/or Ledger nano wallet.

I saw this post on about using a Chrome extension to install the Trezor.

I contacted Purism customer support and they recommended using the PureBrowser that comes with the machine due to security/privacy and not using the Chrome extension.

Here’s My Question:
Any suggestions on what the best way to get a Trezor and/or a Ledger Nano S to work on a Purism laptop? And, if I do use the Chrome extension, will i be setting myself up for a possible hack and limiting my privacy/security vs using PureBrowser?

I want to buy a Purism because I love what the company stands for and the owner’s integrity and I generally love everything about the company… but I want to make sure it works with a Trezor or Ledger nano s… otherwise it will be useless for me. And I want to make sure that if I do use the Chrome extension, that I will not be opening myself up to hackers.

Thanks for all your help everyone.


Hi @magichands, using both models of Trezors with PureOS and Firefox (I use Firefox Developer Edition) has been fine. You’ll find instructions for installing Firefox via search here on the forums.

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