Trezor hardware wallet + PureBrowser = no dice

Anyone using Trezor hardware wallets on Purebrowser?

trezord daemon running but still can’t see the device.

I use it with Chromium.

You can install a set of utilities communicating with trezor on an OS level (sudo apt-get install trezor). Then you can use trezor in combination with electrum wallet (sudo apt-get install electrum).

This is also better for your privacy, since you are not sending sensitive data as master public keys for your wallet to a remote server.

With electrum you do send sensitive data to electrum server. You can setup your own electrum server or trezor backend for better privacy.

What sensitive data do you send with electrum? How does it compare with what you send through the chromium-browser trezor plugin?

I have read that some of the SPV wallets use bloom filters:

A bloom filter is a probabilistic search filter, a way to describe a desired pattern
without specifying it exactly. Bloom filters offer an efficient way to express a search
pattern while protecting privacy. They are used by SPV nodes to ask their peers for
transactions matching a specific pattern, without revealing exactly which addresses,
keys, or transactions they are searching for.
In our previous analogy, a tourist without a map is asking for directions to a specific
address, “23 Church St.” If she asks strangers for directions to this street, she inadver‐
tently reveals her destination. A bloom filter is like asking, “Are there any streets in
this neighborhood whose name ends in R-C-H?”

( A. Antonopoulos 2017, Mastering Bitcoin, page 185)

You can also set electrum in a way that all the communication is transfered via Tor. The same apply to chromium however.

Unless you have full node, there will be some compromise between security and privacy. And it’s good to be aware of it. If you want better privacy, better have your own trezor backend or electrum server.