Tried to install PureOS on my Lenovo, only installed a test version

I followed the steps here:

Got a USB set up as an install drive for my Lenovo box running Windows.

Booted up and PureOS pops up with the options to install or test PureOS so I choose that (first option), others are recovery, etc.

So the next window has the usual installation steps, choose your language, choose your keyboard layout, then that was it…the desktop is up and running, I’m all set to go.

I start playing around with it, of course the wifi doesn’t work due to proprietary firmware so I get to work on that. Start working to install the debian version of the wifi driver and as things are loading my screen freezes.

Simple enough, now I have an idea what to run when I boot back up so I pull the USB stick and boot up…back into Windows…??? huh?

So I put the USB back in…it boots back up in the install for PureOS. Same thing, choose language/keyboard and back to the desktop. All files I had worked on gone, back to square one.

What’s going on? How do I actually install PureOS on the laptop? Other than following the exact instructions of downloading Etcher selecting the PureOS ISO, clicking Flash, then booting from that USB?

I got it shipped on USB Flash drive straight from Purism (10$). The only way to run Pure OS for me was from the flash drive, not computer. Of course, I also couldn’t use Wi-Fi for the same reason, but didn’t have the time nor patience to work around it. I saw suggestions to get the external wife. Maybe I’ll do something about now.
If you figure out how to run it on the computer and have links to share the work arounds for WiFi, please let me know.

You realize you actually did not not install? See here please:

Yes, I do realize that.

Now how do I get to the point where I can install it like on that page? That step is missing somewhere.

Step 1: Start the Calamares installer

That one? :slight_smile:

I’m thinking the second step of “ensure that you are connected to the internet” part.

Hmm, not sure how I can install the drivers then go back to the installation procedure.

Hi, I also bought the flash drives from Purism. I haven’t tried to install it yet. I am wondering how that works and how to get the WiFi to start working? I am afraid to boot it into pureOs

Live booting any Linux distro should be safe.

Installing it and trying to get it to co-exist peacefully with Windows is the next step (my assumption).

Depends what WiFi it is. Depending on the hardware it may be impossible or impractical or it may be possible but not ideal. Assuming that your computer is currently running Windows then ask Windows what the WiFi hardware is.

If your computer has ethernet then it is most definitely recommended to use that, at least initially - so that you can download proprietary packages that are needed to make the WiFi go, if that is indeed needed.