Tried to Set Up eMail

The real reason I’m here is I just pre-ordred the phone. Then I went further and ordered the email to check it out.

I just tried to set up a email account (generic, I’m on Linux mint). The first thing it asks to do is set up a passphrase. I fear the one I entered during the purchase process may have been too long. (It wouldn’t fit in the field.)

Now I’m not sure whether my email in Thurderbird uses the password I set up for my account or the too-long passphrase?

Either way, I got a fail.

Notwithstanding yet another passphrase enigma wanted when I set that up. Or was that also supposed to be the same one as when I set up the account?

I just copied my own post in an email to Support adding, it would probably be easier just to ask for a password reset.

Sounds like the password would be a truncated version of the password that you said is too long. Unfortunately I’ve seen forms do that truncation in weird ways so it may not be feasible to brute Force. Good luck with the password reset.

Your mail password is the the account pw.
The one for the PGP key should be different.

Well it has been over the 24 hour pending period, I was never able to use mail. Now it says my recovery email does not exist.

@tracy Did you use your existing account when you signed up for Librem One? If yes, that won’t work I’m afraid.

Do you have a working Librem Social and Librem Chat accounts?

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Got it to work, case closed.

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