Troubleshooting Disk Encryption

Hey! New linux user here trying to adapt. I received my computer yesterday and booted it for the first time just for some basic configurations and video watching.

When i was done i turned it off and the next time i restarted it i was unable to open it. It said it was tampered ( i have the librem key, now i think i might have gone over the roof with that one, but i will learn to use it eventually).

I read the help info from purism AFTER this incident, not before. My bad.
So didnt know how to react. Suddenly after some forum reading and purism documents i managed to Update checksums and sign all files in the boot options menu.
That failed somehow, or not, it just didnt get me a default boot, so i desperately did an OEM Reset thinking maybe i coul work around it myself, put in the 123456 default pin etc… seemed to go well but i get more errors i dont yet understand.
Still didnt manage to get a default boot in order.

Now the only obstacle i have is that i get prompted to input my disk luks encryption password.

Which i can only imagine is the passphrase i sat up when doing the first configuration.

So at this point now the computer is asking i put my passphrase and i did. Several times. I have it in paper and ive tried every minimal permutation i could have done mistakenly when configuring it, without any luck. There’s no other password im aware off but i even tried with the default PINS and the user password. At this point im thinking that MAYBE the keyboard layout in PureBoot mode is different than the Spanish one i used when setting up my passphrase, and since i dont know a way i can see the raw text im writing, maybe im not writing it correctly.

If thats not it then im fully lost since im 100percent sure thats the passphrase i wrote.

Thanks for the help from this newbie!! Have a good day.

PD tried to do an unsafe boot but still am prompted to decrypt the disk and find myself at the same exact point.

ISTR from this forum the numlock has no led. If that is true it could be that you need to toggle it to have the correct layout.

Did you change your keyboard layout during initial setup? If so, what hardware keyboard layout do you use and which keyboard layout did you choose?

As I remember at least the users password is always entered using the initial default keyboard layout US - even though the dialog to choose a keyboard layout appears beforehand.

Furthermore there used to be an error in the keyboard firmware in the Librem 13 series which was corrected in software (in a systemd setting). But this error was only in the US keyboard (hardware layout) and its correction in software thereby broke some keys on keyboards with a different hardware layout.