TRRS diagram or known cable splitter for Librem Mini V2

Not sure this is customer support, thought the answer might benefit the community regardless.

I have a system requirement where I want to feed the audio through an external AEC unit, which means separating the signals physically.

Is there a known TRRS cable splitter or even a diagram so I can make one myself?

That would be very helpful in getting my system up and running.

Apologies for the wording, I’ve asked the wrong question.

What I meant to ask is the actual TRRS jack just a standard jack? I can then choose the appropriate cable (or make one) from there.

Yes, its a standard 3.5mm TRRS audio jack and you can buy converter plugs, or you can buy a splitter like this one. You can also cut the wires for any audio headset and solder connections to the individual wires. Here is a diagram for the TRRS connector:

If soldering to wires, you can use a multimeter to figure out which wires are left speaker, right speaker, microphone and ground.

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Awesome thank you so much :slight_smile: