Trying to boot Pure OS on windows machine

I downloaded pure OS and flashed it to usb successfully using etcher. My samsung laptop PC with Windows installed won’t recognize the USB drive from the boot menu.

I’ve inserted the USB drive into my librem mini desktop and confirmed that the usb drive was successfully flashed.

Any advice on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, it may just not be possible. Your laptop may contain hardware components for which there is no or inadequate open source support or other similar obstacles. However it should generally be possible to recognise the disk. If there are problems then they come after Linux actually starts to boot. The troublesome areas tend to be graphics and WiFi - and you haven’t given any hardware details.

What boot menu? Photo? A BIOS boot disk menu or a Windows boot menu? I think you will want the former.

You will probably need to go in to the BIOS settings and enable BIOS legacy boot and disable Secure Boot.

It may help to mention the PureOS version and the Windows version.


Here are the specs, its a cheap galaxy Book Go / 340XLA-KA3:

OS: Windows 11 Home (W11M_6EFE)
CPU: Qualcomm 7c Kryo465
VRAM: Shared
COMMUNIC: Qualcomm 802.11 ac 2x2+BT 5.1

I have only been able to figure out how to access the Windows boot menu.

PureOS version is 10.0

I guess this is the problem.
The Librem Mini has an Intel processor with amd64 architecture.
The Samsung you got has an ARM processor so an amd64 version of Pure OS will definitely not work.

I am curious btw. is there any chance that the Librem 5 version of Pure OS could work on this Samsung machine?

Whoa! OK, I’m glad I asked. You can probably ignore a lot of what I wrote in my first post because I was assuming (incorrectly) a vanilla x86 laptop.

At this stage I would be wondering … how much do you really want to pursue this? do you have the expertise and perseverance to pursue this?

If you do then I would suggest that PureOS is not your best first choice for a Linux distro to run on random hardware. I suggest starting by searching the web for any evidence that anyone has managed to boot any Linux distro on this hardware.