Trying to delete zoom

trying to delete zoom dont feel comfortable with it on my laptop its not funny

Since this is the in PureOS section of the forums, I assume you are running PureOS, and probably on a Purism computer.

If Zoom is on the machine, since it is not in the Purism repos, it was likely installed as a Flakpak.

Try running this command:
sudo flatpak uninstall us.zoom.Zoom (if installed system-wide)
flatpak uninstall us.zoom.Zoom (if installed under the user)

Or you can just run them both :slight_smile:

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Not necessarily. gives a deb package that installs on PureOs (that is how I installed it on L13).
In that case a

sudo dpkg --remove zoom


sudo dpkg --purge zoom

to remove configuration files as well.

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