Trying to get Librem 5 to 1st Stretch goal

It would be good to get the Librem 5 crowdfunding to its 1st Stretch goal.

The rate the funding is growing, in the last 3 or 4 days, suggests that if the rate it grows now, for the last 4 days, is the same, the funding will miss the 1st Stretch goal, by $90,000 to $120,000.

It would be good if anyone, with fairly successful businesses who read this, & value security & privacy for their business, would consider Crowdfunding this Phone with one of the “Enterprise funding pledge options” (or if readers of this, have any friends, who have good businesses, that wouldn’t be offended, by showing them the Librem 5 funding campaign?), it would be good to pass it by them. I myself haven’t anyone like this. :frowning:

As I see it, to reach the Stretch goal, we really need 5 to 7 businesses, to invest in the security & privacy this phone endeavours to achieve.

Also does anyone know of any “online business magazines”, or forums, that there could be something written about the Librem 5, to show there in the next day or two? :blush: (I’m at a loss with where to write!!)

I would not trust the tendency function too much there

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Thanks for that. :grin: The statistics in the table “there”, do show, that crowdfunding is not always linear. :blush:

It would be nice to know though, if there is anyone, who reads this knows of a business online site or forum, where someone could write about the phone, that mightn’t have been used, or could need an update, to assist in these last 3 or 4 days.

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Um… not to be a party pooper, but isn’t the first stretch goal at $4,000,000?
Nevertheless I’d like to see it reach $2,000,000 :slight_smile:

I have tried to bring the campaign to the attention of some groups, without too much success. But I just got a feedback from OpenWeatherMap that they’d have a look at it and consider cooperation. (I mean… you have to have a weather app, right? :slight_smile: )

@maxzor, very nicely done :slight_smile:

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@Caliga That’s not mine, found the link on reddit.
Whatever, I parsed quite a lot twitter mastodon and google news feeds past days, I think the campaign has reached quite deep and got relayed much in the Linux sphere and general tech/dev sites. Ipersonally cannot help with finding any corporate funding :confused:

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@maxzor, yeah, I got the same impression. The word has been spread quite well. I can hardly understand that “only” 2500 phones have been ordered so far. Yes, I know many are skeptical due to all the phones that have failed before, I get that. So, there is hope that many will follw when it is a thing :slight_smile:

On the bright side:
Purism, congratulations to more than $1,800,000 funds raised as of today, and more than 2500 phones sold.


[quote=“Caliga, post:4, topic:1682”]
Um… not to be a party pooper, but isn’t the first stretch goal at $4,000,000?

Nevertheless I’d like to see it reach $2,000,000

Yes I see now, that the 1st Stretch goal is 4 million. Thanks for your correction.

I too would like to see the funding reach the 2million mark. It would give them some headroom, with their development of the phone. :blush:

Good with the feedback, that “OpenWeatherMap”, will have a look at collaborating with Purism on their app (I take it is an app, not HTML5? Although that doesn’t worry me). A Weather app, is a thing I use very often. :grin:

Yes! Achievement unlocked: $2,000,000
Too bad it’s not a stretch goal :wink:

@Purism team, time to bring the champaign :wink:

Some stats (MEZ evening/morning, backer numbers)

2017-20-20 $1,838,036 122.54% 651 131 189 2346 21 30 2 6 7
2017-10-20 $1,869,661 124.64% 655 132 194 2396 21 30 2 6 7

2017-10-21 $1,880,503 125.37% 656 132 194 2403 21 30 2 6 7
2017-10-21 $1,900,648 126.71% 662 132 197 2446 21 30 2 6 7

2017-10-22 $1,932,731 128.85% 664 132 204 2496 21 30 2 6 7
2017-10-22 $2,000,410 133.36% 674 133 221 2600 21 30 2 6 7

2017-20-23 $2,055,018 137.00% 689 138 229 2683 21 31 2 6 7 (last campaign day)
2017-20-23 $2,080,132 138.68% 697 139 238 2720 21 31 2 6 7

2017-20-24 $2,131,600 142.11% 703 139 239 2768 21 32 2 6 8


Yes it is fantastic that the Librem 5 campaign has reached the 2,000,000. mark, and over.

$2,039,402. now!

Thanks for the Stats on the last day or two, too when you posted, a few hours ago. :sunglasses: