Turning of(f) speech

Hi guys I’ve downloaded an auto update and my machine is speaking to me all of a sudden lol.
How do I turn this off please ?

You must have accidentally turned on some accessibility setting… Check in Assistive Technologies or whatever it might be called in PureOS. In Linux Mint it’s found at System>Preferences>Personal>Assistive Technologies.

Edit: Or check for Screen Reader within Accessories (probably) and turn it off.

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@amarok I think you are a bit hasty in your diagnosis. We need to run a couple of troubleshooting questions first:

Have you verified that you do no hear the voices after you exit the room? Calling your granny usually eases that.
Could it be a recording with instructions? Choose to accept it or not, it will go silent on its own - just take a step back.
Are you sure this isn’t a red glowing circle looking assistant app with trust issues? Remove memory modules to hear drunken karaoke before it goes quiet.
On the other hand, you wrote the word “auto”, so may it’s a red moving lightline or three, with a snarky attitude? Changing the oil is usually a good way to make friends with it.
Does the voice perhaps read out loud social security numbers? Time to get an assassin for a friend.
Does the voice want bitcoin from you to stop because it’s got video of you? With the prices so high it’s probably cheaper to just let the video go public and change career to adult entertainment.
Is it supportive or are the comments more passive-aggressive? At least it should have the courtesy of saying “Hello master”, or get its audio cable pulled.
Although, what about freedom of speech? Who gave you the right to censor your pc? If it’s intelligent, you may want to cut the network cable to save humanity. Just in case. Unless you can come to a deal with it and you start hussling online poker games - that version usually takes beer as payment.

(:face_with_hand_over_mouth: sorry, couldn’t resist)


And is it the voice of Majel Barrett?


Thanks for the replies guys I just can’t find it. Looked in settings etc.
I guess a member if the librem team will know… Hopefully its pretty annoying speaking actions outloud. From VPN connecting to opening new window.

Check for orca with system monitor or top command on command line, or something (as well as espeek, carnival and festival - just in case you’re being pranked - like starting orca at login) and end process. Could be one of the others too, I guess.

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On my machine (with Linux Mint, not PureOS), this is how it would be done: open up System Monitor, click on the Process Name tab, click the Status column to sort, look at what processes are Running, and see if you see Orca or another screen reader app running.* If so, click directly on the app name, then hit the End Process button at the bottom right.

*If the Running processes are alternating too fast to click on the app name, then sort by Process Name to alphabetize them. Then find what you want and End Process it.