Turning on Bluetooth Causes Wifi to Disconnect

Turning on bluetooth causes wifi to disconnect. Is that expected behavior?

Edit: Doesn’t happen every time, though.

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It is because L5 still using an old firmware, but Purism is working already in a newer and fresh firmware to BT-WLan this come of bunch a good features like: save power, bugs fixes, …


We had reports of improved WiFi+Bluetooth coexistence after updating the driver from Redpine: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux-next/-/merge_requests/258

It’s not merged in yet though. I’d like to have it merged soon, but there’s an internal discussion going on about using vendor driver vs. working on the mainline one, so not sure yet when that’s going to happen.


I don’t think I’ve seen that. However ever since I started playing around with a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse (and it worked), I left Bluetooth enabled permanently.

I assume you mean turning on Bluetooth in software.

Maybe I’m not seeing it because I’m not turning on Bluetooth subsequently. My MO is: both WiFi and BT enabled in software, WiFi+BT hardware-switched on while at home, WiFi+BT hardware-killed while outside the home.

I’ve had occasions where WiFi doesn’t fire up at all after a boot (and I think maybe BT also doesn’t fire up in that situation), in which case my workaround is to hardware-kill WiFi+BT and then switch WiFi+BT back on.

Maybe this is the same problem??

Yes. In the settings. I don’t use the killswitches much, if at all.
I’ve only noticed the issue 2 or 3 times, but then I hardly use BT.