Tutanota Client for the Librem 5

I asked Tutanota if they would plan to build a Tutanota client for the Librem 5.

They answered that they would support Arm devices in the future but at the moment they do not have a build for the ARM CPU architecture.

They also told me that in theory I could build the Tutanota Client (Appimage) for ARM myself if I had such a CPU (a Raspi for example). But they are not sure if it would work without problems.

They gave me this link: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota/blob/master/doc/BUILDING.md

There are some explanations but I am not confident in doing such things.

My question: Is there someone who would be able and willing to try it and maybe keep an eye on upcoming versions? The best solution might be a place in the PureOS Software Store. At least until Tutanota itself comes up with their own build.


There is a flatpak version on the poureos store but hasnt been updated in 3Years, so whoever built that version if it could be made adaptive to smaller screen and gtk. I tried it in the past the flatpak and to build it on the phone directly without success.

Even so its probably not adaptive, so even if you did build it it may well not display on the screen correctly.

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The Linux Desktop AppImage Client (in the background and smaller than 720 x 1440) and Tutanota in Firefox’s Fullscreen Mode (on my Librem 5) adapt well to small viewports.

But would it scale properly? If that window on the monitor was the size of the phone screen at the same resolution, that text would be awful hard to read.

In the Linux Desktop AppImage Client you can zoom in and out by pressing CTRL and using the mousewheel like you would do in a web browser. I don’t know if there would be a way to do the same on a Librem 5.
So let’s find someone to build an ARM version and try it out :slight_smile:

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I’ve been curious about this now that Tutanota supports offline mode on the desktop app. I currently use it on Firefox and it scales well, with exception of some emails that (don’t?) use HTML. Those emails I have to scroll from side to side to read all the content.