Tutorial: Create a Shortcut to a Specific Folder

I posted similar instructions a while back within another thread, but I thought I would make a separate tutorial, just for the sake of consistency.

Here, I’m using Fav_Folder as the application name, Folder as the icon name, nemo as the file browser, and Pictures as the directory I want for the shortcut. You can use different names and favorite folder; just specify the path to the folder, e.g. Documents/AnySubFolder, etc., and you can use nautilus instead of nemo, if you prefer.

1 - Within your home folder, copy the following text, place it in a blank .txt file, and save it as Fav_Folder.desktop in .local/share/applications:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=nemo Pictures

2 - Get or create an appropriate icon, and save it to .local/share/icons. I’m using this one, which I modified from a free clipart image:

3 - You can add the new application to your favorites with a long-press.

Launching it will open your favorite directory: