Tuxedo Computers Control Center

Does anyone more Linux savy than me know if the new control center GUI element Tuxedo computers introduced is able to be added to Pureos? (I know they have it compiled for a few distros and that it is catered to their specific models. I just imagine they are using underlying software elements available to everyone and compatible with most hardware.)

That kind of fan and power consumption control in a GUI is something that I think all Linux distros would greatly benefit by having. I’m sure customers would appreciate it as well.

Link for those who are wondering what I’m talking about:

from what you said here my expectations are quite high for this thing-o-ma-gig … too bad that my anti-java-script extensions just went to town on the web-site page … it’s like the whole page was designed with the primary goal of making sure i understand what blocking non-free-java-script will do to my convenience … yay freedom :grimacing::weary:

If someone from Purism is reading this, it would be really nice if you could offer something like this in PureOS, perhaps in the future. Being able to have more finite graphical control over power and fans would be excellent.