Two Audio Related Questions - L14

I often use my L14 to stream music while I’m doing tasks around the house away from my computer.

I also use an external Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Whenever the computer goes to sleep (or suspend) because of inactivity the stream of music will stop. I have to go jiggle the mouse (if I get it quickly), or I have to reenter my user password and unlock the computer again. I realize I can toggle the sleep timer to indefinite, but I was hoping there was a way to just allow the music to continue with the computer in sleep. Additionally:

  2. Every time the computer goes to sleep it will drop the Bluetooth connection to my speaker. When I wake the computer I have to to go Settings > Bluetooth > Select Device > Click Slider to Reestablish Connection. Every time!!! Is there a way to configure this so it will just maintain connection with the last connected device after a sleep cycle?

Thank you.

Same it happen with Librem 5. But you can fix this manually, like if L14 streaming to bt-speaker so you just disable auto suspend on settings.

This worked. Thank you. I disabled the auto suspend but also turned on the “dim screen when inactive” feature.

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