Two chat apps on Phone? (Chatty+Fractal)


I was under the impression that Matrix chats/SMS messages would all be under one app on the phone. I actually really liked the idea that there would be one chat app on the phone where everything would link into… For that reason I set up a matrix home server for myself and started to integrate other chats I use with it.

Now it seems like, from the most recent update on the phone, that we’re going to have two apps. One for SMS/XMPP and one for matrix. Is this correct? If so I see no reason to use matrix and will need to look at merging the other services with XMPP so that everything will show up under one app.


I get the impression that it will be two apps at first:

Later on they will remove XMPP support and have two app:
Gnome Messages and Gnome Conversations.
Gnome Messages will be SMS and E2E Matrix.
Gnome Conversations will be nonE2E Matrix.

I have gotten this impression by reading all the blogs, progress reports, and chatter in the community/librem5 Matrix room.