Two-finger scrolling/tap-to-click unavailable with BYD touchpad on Debian

I use Debian stretch on my librem-13. I applied BYD psmouse patch using code available at

I use Mate.

Scrolling is available on right side of the pad but two finger scrolling is unavailable. Even if I activate tap to click (two finger as right click and three finger as middle click) none are working.

Any idea?

From what I’ve seen in the synaptics touchpad configuration GUI in XFCE (which I assume is similar to what you have in Gnome or other desktop environments) you can choose either two-finger-scrolling or right-edge scrolling but I don’t know that you can turn on both at the same time. Check the GUI mouse configuration tool in the Settings menu for your desktop environment and see if you can change the behavior there.

Both option are seen (by radio buttons) but only the right-edge scrolling can be selected. Two finger scrolling is completely disabled (drawn but cannot be selected).

Odd, under XFCE on Qubes I see both options under Touchpad mouse configuration and both seem to be selectable. Perhaps there’s a command-line method you can use to configure synaptics?

I also had the drivers break on me after a recent kernel update. I’m running the latest version of the drivers in Debian Stretch on 4.3.5-1 (the latest 4.3 kernel in Stretch at present). I also had trouble with the 4.4 branch pulled in from Sid. Two finger scroll worked for me at one point, but I’ve had no success after updating kernels and re-building the latest module. I’m hoping this driver gets main-lined soon.

Do we have to definitively have to forget about such support on librem13v1 (as we add to forget about international keyboard)?

Try this and report back:

Two-finger scrolling works, but tap-to-click is disabled by default, so personally, I don’t like it.

OK that finally do the trick.

Unfortunately your are right: two finger scroll without tap-to-click, and right click limited to low-right edge is a real pain in the ass.

With this driver gnome tools do not see any configuration either, which is also a step back.

So for my point a view: one step further and two step back :frowning:

You can revert commit 799bc0e287ce2ef8af653e1a21822a5f4d854786 and to see how it goes. Not sure how to restore tap-to-click.

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