Typo in previous batch email for backers (conversation starter on grammar/presentation)

“This email is send to all Librem 5 backers” I just noticed that this was odd… I was reviewing my emails anxiously waiting for my L5 update, and I saw the Librem 5 backer email had a grammatical error that made it appear less professional. Not really pointing fingers, or anything of the sort, was a “heads up” as to the possible mistakes that could be avoided and make purism look even better to the public.


Typo in title of forum post about grammar :upside_down_face:


:sweat_smile: I need more coffee.

Bear in mind that not all people are native English speakers.

It’s a pretty minor typo. If this is the worst thing that goes wrong, I will be happy …

It won’t get picked up by spell check either.

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