Typos https://librem.one

missing “D” and “n” from “Download” :

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2 by missing “n” from download also?

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Are other having issues logging in? I signed up and my account is still shown as pending. I downloaded the applications and I cannot log in to any of them.

Yes, I actually just created a topic about it. Glad it’s not just me. There are several hiccups as it just launched, so we should be patient.

thanks Jon. Yeah…as long as it was just not me :-). Thanks.

Also: “Buy a Librem 15, and get a Full Librem One account, Chat, Social, Mail, Tunnel, Files, Backup, etc. to use on your Librem 13 Laptop.” This is less a typo and more a copy editing thing, I guess, but still…

A typo in the image alt property, thanks for the report.