UEFI vs Legacy (Privacy/Security Wise)

I remember when UEFI first came out I got a very negative opinion of it partly because Microsoft was pushing so hard for it but also because Windows 8 was even more of a nightmare with it on I found. So I never got off legacy and still use it on all my systems. My question is should I be switching ? Is there a privacy or security argument for one or the other ?


UEFI is more complicated, which in light of security means the attack surface is bigger.

Computers sold with UEFI may force secure boot with keys you don’t own, but if you can switch to BIOS mode, then it’s definitely not forced, so there’s no downside.


Is pure is able to boot when set to UEFI Storage OpROM yet? I’d love to install it on my C64 PC build which has an nvme drive in its pcie slot.